Monday, June 4, 2012

Links Roundup

Thanks to all the book blogs I've been reading, I'm getting overwhelmed with links to click on. I'm going to start posting the most interesting links I find. Some might be old, but are still worth a look.

Upcoming Trends in YA from YALSA's The Hub - I think the idea of a YA Game of Thrones the most interesting.

10 Ways to Support Authors You Love from Jody Hedlund's blog - Some interesting ideas that I hadn't thought of.

Fantasy by Women Who Broke Away from Europe from The Mad Hatter's Bookshelf & Book Review - Wow, this list is so expansive, and since I've been getting into speculative fiction, I like the idea of settings that aren't Europe.

A rant from Stacia Kane on book reviewers and authors. I've read a lot about this topic recently, and as a new book reviewer, I sometimes worry about an author reacting negatively to one of my reviews.

Book Borrowing Etiquette from Literary Exploration. I have trouble lending out my books, because of these kinds of issues.

On not judging book choices from Clear Eyes Full Shelf. I know I have been bad in the past for judging people for what they read, but since I've discovered genre fiction, I've loosened up considerably. And I don't call any of the books I read "guilty pleasures" anymore.

This post from Readventurer about adult book series the bloggers made me realize how I need to get on reading Native Star. And glad I only read the first Sookie Stackhouse book.

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